Find your Sanctuary at The Sanctuary. Gong Relaxation Sunday Session, 28th of July, 4:30pm-5:30pm


3 hour workshop on Sunday, the 28th of July. 12pm-3pm

Children to bring a waterbottle and snacks please 🙂

Venue: The Sanctuary Golf Resort, Function Room 3, Please enter through reception 🙂

I operate this course as a 3 hour intensive drama based course to direct children to use their mind to be solution focused, more resilient, optimistic, to know how special they truly are, to improve their confidence and social skills.  They will learn a number of strategies to improve the way they deal with challenges and their emotions. This course is based on my tertiary study, my experience as a classroom teacher and my ongoing research in the area of emotional health and happiness. Children to bring their water bottle and snacks/lunch. Doors open at 11:55 am as we will be setting up prior to this time.

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Something for you! The sound of the gong is eerie and healing and this session at the Sanctuary will be magical. Simply lay and listen. You will feel the benefits. After I visited the Albany gong session at Mt Romance many years ago, I was transformed. I went to train to play the gong in Cannington at ‘Echoes’ and I’m excited to finally be offering you a gong only session of bliss in Bunbury.  Try it, you will be amazed.




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