Get the Edge: Aspirants – A Workshop to Guide your Job Application Process with Alan Kidd, Tues, March 24, 4pm-6pm

This workshop is primarily for aspirants seeking a Deputy Principal or Principal position. 

The session will run from 4pm-6pm at BREC (Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre) on Tuesday, the 24th of March, 2020. We will be upstairs in the Harvey Room next to the Sky Bar. 


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This workshop is primarily for aspirants who are seeking Deputy Principal or Principal positions.

Alan Kidd worked in Education for 37 years, 30 years of this as a School Principal at every level from level 3 to level 6. He is a strong believer that the depth of leadership in our system is on the decline and our public system relies on strong leadership. As a system we need to foster aspirants who may wish to look at doing Deputy Principal roles or Principals who see themselves as working in larger schools.


This workshop will draw on Alan’s experience to;


  1. Look at the key attributes of leaders and leadership.
  2. Differentiate between the job you are doing and the job you want.
  3. Demonstrate how to project your skills into a new situation.
  4. Explain what complexity looks like when giving examples
  5. See leadership as something you can do and unpack what you are doing into identifiable skills.
  6. Give examples of what should be in a job application and what will get glossed over.
  7. Articulate the incredible importance of the context of the school you are applying for.
  8. Explain what not to put in a job application.
  9. Stress the importance of a belief system, philosophy and an evidence base.
  10. Look at the structure of an application.


It must be stated that this workshop is sharing the ideas and experiences of one Principal, but be assured, there will be actions that all participants will take away that will change the way they write applications. He won’t be analysing sentence structure and the use of “buzz” words but he will give you a great grounding into what to put into those sentences.


Joelene Lavrick from Life Lessons Australia will be co-presenting this exclusive ‘Get the Edge’ workshop.

Presenter Bio:

Joelene Lavrick has a B.A in Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Education and has 20 years experience as a Primary School teacher in WA. Her work in the area of Emotional Fitness & Mind Management at Life Lessons Australia was recently featured on GWN7 News and reached the Semi-Finals in the Curtin University, School of Education, Teaching Excellence category of the W.A Regional Achievement and Community Awards in October 2019. Joelene has been travelling the country delivering her unique program and has held over 120 workshops for children, educators, parents, psychologists, foster carers and allied health professionals combined. Joelene was honoured to present at the Future Possibilities Conference and is proud of the effectiveness of her program for, not only neurotypical children, but also for verbal children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Tea/Coffee and a light afternoon tea will be provided. Please note, we are unable to cater for specific dietary requirements. 





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