Learn to Manage Your Mind & Emotions: 3 Hr Children’s Workshop: MON, Jan 14


Learn to Manage Your Mind & Emotions: 3 Hr Children’s Workshop

This workshop runs from 10am to 1pm

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**Learn to be a Jedi (Star Wars)….a Jedi isn’t afraid of being afraid because it’s OK to be scared…

Your child will never be the same after completing this course. They will be equipped with the skills they need to manage their minds and their emotions.


This workshop is an investment in your child’s future mental health, sense of self and their ability to respond to situations more positively.  One year ago, I would not have had the confidence to assert something like that but after working with hundreds of children and their parents, in addition to presenting Professional Development courses for teachers and therapists; I can assure you that this course is powerful and effective.

I operate this course as a 3 hour intensive course to direct children to use their mind to be solution focused, more resilient, optimistic, to know how special they truly are, to improve their confidence and social skills.  They will learn a number of strategies to improve the way they deal with challenges and their emotions. This course is based on my tertiary study, my experience as a classroom teacher and my ongoing research in the area of emotional health and happiness.


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) and nearly 20 years teaching experience in Western Australian Primary Schools.  My experience working as a Drama Specialist for Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Perth has also allowed me to incorporate a drama based experience for children within my course.



I adore children and I really want them to know how incredibly special they are and how they can learn to improve the way that they think about themselves, the way they think about others and the way they think about the situations that they experience at home and at school.

My ultimate goal is for children to learn to make better choices with their thinking, which leads to improved moods and more strategic reactions to their social situations. I teach them a formula to deal with any situation which may arise. Children have reported to me after completion of this course that they have been able to successfully use the strategies in a variety of situations, both at home and at school.

The younger children are when they start to manage themselves, the better.  I know from my own experience that I didn’t always know how to do this and I missed out on a lot of fun in my life and also created problems for myself when I didn’t need to because I let my emotions and negative thoughts rule the roost.  You have to BE THE BOSS OF YOUR BRAIN. 

Joelene Lavrick

B.A (Psychology)

GradDipEd (Primary)

“Either you control your mind or your mind controls you,” Napoleon Hill.




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