Gemma Foxall, MEd

Joelene is one of those teachers who finds a way to connect with each child. Students are drawn to her because she individualises every interaction in a purposeful and positive way. She values every child for who they are, and students seem to sense that. On a professional level, Joelene has a rare and unique set of skills that enables her to achieve optimum outcomes. Combining these skills with her passion for teaching positive thinking strategies and resiliency skills to produce Miss Lavrick’s Lessons will be an experience I would strongly recommend to any of my students and friends’ children.

On a personal level, Joelene has worked with my son on a weekly basis. Despite his social and communication difficulties, Joelene has managed to help him overcome his anxiety and he now waits at the window for her to arrive. The contribution she has made to his emotional welfare and showing him a happier way to perceive the world is simply priceless and will help him for the rest of his life.