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At the heart of it... Self-worth

We teach children that they are unbelievably special. Why is it unbelievable?...because there is only one of them in the entire universe.

Emotional Health & Mind Management

Children learn strategies to assist them to remain calm, focused and happy more often in addition to acquiring the ability to pay attention to their thoughts and learning to ‘drive them’ in a positive direction.

Social Skills

Interacting with others in an effective and beneficial way is of upmost importance and it is one of our key goals at Life Lessons Australia.

Mission Statement 🙂

Life Lessons Australia has a single mission at the very heart of everything we do: to develop and enhance the emotional wellbeing of children. While working and training across the childhood (primary) education and psychology fields for over 20 years, one lesson has always remained constant: when children feel good about themselves and respond to others with kindness, they can achieve great things. It is with passion that we empower children, promote their self-esteem and teach them strategies to improve their emotional health and mind management.

Through research in psychology, it has been identified that people who often doubt their self-worth are more prone to self-sabotaging beliefs, which has an adverse impact on their success and happiness.  Our mission is simple: to address these habits and thoughts early, enabling children to build confidence in their abilities and develop an optimistic mindset, and positively impact their overall wellness and ability to achieve their best. We exist to empower children with the tools to identify negative thoughts and feelings early, and apply positive thinking techniques and beneficial strategies to cope with life’s challenges in a healthy and productive way.

Meet Our Teacher


We are based in the Bunbury region with our main office in Clifton Park, Western Australia. We travel to locations all over Australia to hold children’s workshops and courses for educators and parents.


As parents, we want our children to have self-confidence, a positive attitude, strong friendships, and the ability to process their emotions in a healthy way (with a twist of gratitude thrown in for good measure!). Many concepts we teach are what most would consider ‘common sense’, however it sometimes takes a person other than a parent, to reinforce the concepts that you are trying to instil in your (sometimes resistant!) dear little ones. That’s where we come in!

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After their physical health, a child’s emotional wellbeing, confidence, resilience and perseverance are at the forefront of their readiness to learn and ultimately their developmental and academic success.

Life Lessons Australia specialises in primary level education, and provides age appropriate, in-school classroom based incursions which are designed to improve each student’s emotional health and their ability to manage their mind.

Our incursion packages can be tailored to support your Whole School approaches, in order to maximise the relevance to your staff and students.


Life Lessons Australia is proud to work with service providers who are serving our children in the
community with the highest needs. Through working with organisations such as Foster Families
South West, Anglicare and Women’s Refuges (amongst others) we seek to reach the children who
need us the most.


Life Lessons Australia offers a range of courses for parents and educators. We frequently partner
with other service providers in order to maximise the benefits for our participants and provide
comprehensive workshops detailing latest research. In 2018, Life Lessons Australia began a joint

venture with RAIN- Regional Autism Intervention Network providing half day workshops to parents
and educators of children with Autism and Anxiety.

What The Parents Say