• 😉 Growth Mindset
  • 🤗 Self-Worth
  • 💪 Resilience
  • 🙇🏽 Emotional Intelligence
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What Can Life Lessons Global Do For Your School?

Now Used In 154 Countries!

Nearly 90% of teachers report educating children with concerning behaviour and mental health issues which negatively affects student learning and impacts wellbeing. Often, the reasons that students are not reaching their potential or are having meltdowns in the classroom are due to anxiety and not knowing how to handle their intense emotions. They do not know how to cope when work is difficult, they struggle with friendship issues, they lack self-esteem and they do not have the resilience needed to persevere.

Our entertaining, evidence-based Mind Ninja programs, which are now used successfully in 154 countries across the globe, are designed to:

  • Teach students how to manage their thoughts and emotions
  • Ensure long lasting strong mental health, happiness and general wellbeing
  • Increase student engagement and resilience across all learning areas
  • Improve student relationships
  • Make classroom management easier
  • Foster a growth mindset
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The exciting Mind Ninja episodes, audio tracks, lesson plans and activities can be accessed through our online learning dashboard and our phenomenal new App.

Our comprehensive Mind Advantage program caters for students aged approximately 12-17 giving them strategies for reducing anxiety and stress, managing emotions and increasing self-confidence.

Whether you want to trial our programs with one class or you are ready to launch a whole school approach and provide each family in your school community with access to our incredible App, bringing Mind Ninja into your school will have a profound impact.

Each module consists of short, powerful video lessons that kids LOVE. It explicitly teaches the students each strategy as well as provides a lesson plan for the educator along with optional activities.

During the program, students learn how to focus on the ‘present moment’ disregarding negative events from the past and not obsessing or worrying about the future. This works to bust anxiety.

Students are presented with a memorable formula for dealing with any challenge that may arise during their day. There are 3 decent choices which can be used in any situation. You can either: Leave The Situation, Accept The Situation Or Change The Situation.

Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright

Principal, Greenfields Primary School

“The impact of the program was profound with the strategies easily aligning with our whole school approach towards social and
emotional development.”

Shannon Wright

Principal, Greenfields Primary School

Gemma Foxall

Dr. Gemma Foxall

Adjunct Lecturer, Director, ACT For Autism

“Joelene has a rare and unique set of skills that enable her to achieve optimum outcomes”

Dr. Gemma Foxall

Adjunct Lecturer, Director, ACT For Autism

Darryl Owen

Darryl Owen

Principal, Dardanup Primary School

“She has been able to connect with, and support, some of the most challenged students and I can confidently endorse her services.”

Darryl Owen

Principal, Dardanup Primary School


Liz Martin

Parent & Primary School Teacher, Kingston Primary School

“The lessons helped Kai to reframe his thoughts when feeling anxious and challenge some of his rigidity in his thinking around emotions”

Liz Martin

Parent & Primary School Teacher, Kingston Primary School

Get Your Families Involved With Our New Ultimate Classroom Licence!
Your Students Can Access Our App At Home!

When families and schools work together to promote grit, mental health and emotional regulation, it’s a recipe for success. Our new Ulitmate Classroom Licence also provides your class of students with individual access to our LLG Members App so that they can benefit from the programs and meditations at home on their own devices (up to 34 students within your own class).

Mind Ninja Gives Students

Mind Ninja Gives Students
The Tools To Be Resilient
Solution Seekers!

Yes, Mind Ninja Teaches Children An
Action Plan For When Things Get Tough

  • Simple, Interactive Strategies That Kids LOVE!
  • Tools For Dealing With Anxiety, Anger, Frustration and Sadness
  • Students Gain Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence and a Growth Mindset
  • A Focus on Positive Self-Talk
  • Improved Concentration and Engagement
  • Enhanced Ability to Retain and Recall Information

Mind Ninja Classroom &
School Licences

What You Get With A Classroom/School Licence

  • 30 Modules full of evidence-based strategies which will teach your
    students exactly what they need to manage: themselves, their
    thoughts and their emotions
  • An entertaining video tutorial program for students with supporting
    resources which were designed by teachers and presented by teachers
  • Effective, relevant techniques which can be instantly implemented
    in the classroom
  • A Professional Development video for educators to explain the
    rationale behind Mind Ninja and how to best implement the programs
  • 1-year unlimited use for your individual classroom or entire school package
Mind Ninja Classroom

A snippet from our online Professional
Development course

Mind Ninja Is Currently Used In 154 Countries

Christie Keddie

Christie Keddie


“His confidence has grown so much he now goes to swimming lessons and taekwondo… something we would of never thought he would be able to do.”

Christie Keddie



Christy Thompson


“We are homeschooling him due to his anxiety issues and your course has really helped him and I already see an improvement with his mindset.”

Christy Thompson


katie Harding

Katie Harding

Primary Teacher, Exmouth District High School

I asked my daughter what her favourite thing about the course was. She said ‘Knowing that I love me, no matter what’. So beautiful ❤️

Katie Harding

Primary Teacher, Exmouth District High School

Meet the Life Lessons Global Founder,
Joelene Lavrick, B.A (Psych), GradDipEd

Meet the Mind Ninja creator, Joelene Lavrick, B.A (Psych), GradDipEd

With a B.A in Psychology and 20+ years teaching experience, Joelene Lavrick has taught thousands of children across the globe how to manage their thoughts and emotions, such as: anxiety, anger and sadness with outstanding feedback from educators, chaplains, allied health professionals and parents.
Using Mind Ninja in the classroom leads to a drastic reduction in meltdowns and anxiety with educators having rock solid strategies to reinforce with their students.

Life Lessons Global has presented hundreds of workshops for children; as well as several Professional Development Workshops for educators in collaboration with Dr Gemma Foxall from ACT For Autism in the past 5 years, with 94% of Participants rating the course as EXCELLENT.

Mind Ninja is effective for neurotypical children as well as being particularly beneficial for verbal children on the Autism Spectrum as reported by educators, parents and the children themselves.


The program has been featured twice on GWN7 NEWS and reached the semi-finals in the Curtin University, School Of Education, Teaching Excellence Awards in the WA Regional Achievement & Community Awards, back to back for the last 4 years.

Breakthrough with a resilient mindset

🤗 Self-Worth

💪 Resilience

😊 Happiness

😥 Reduce Anxiety

😉 Growth Mindset

🛌 Better Sleep

👊 Positive Focus

🙇🏽 Emotional Intelligence

🙌 Gratitude

💕 Kindness

🤔 Problem Solving

😫 Stress Management

🤩 Motivation

🌱 Mindfulness

🏋️ Willpower

👋 Communication

🙋 Self-Awareness

🥳 Joyfulness

🤙 Social Skills

👍 Self-Belief

🥰 Self-Love

✊ Strength

💆 Self-Regulation

😌 Tolerance

🤲🏼 Forgiveness

☝ Determination

😘 Understanding

🌟 Inspiration

🤝 Commitment

👐 Empowerment

👌 Courage

👉👈 Optimism

🤹 Perseverance

💓 Compassion

🌿 Relaxation

🏋🏻 Grit

  • 🤗 Self-Worth
  • 😊 Happiness
  • 😉 Growth Mindset
  • 👊 Positive Focus
  • 💪 Resilience
  • 😥 Reduce Anxiety
  • 🛌 Better Sleep
  • 🙇🏽 Emotional Intelligence
  • 🙌 Gratitude
  • 🤔 Problem Solving
  • 🤩 Motivation
  • 🏋️ Willpower
  • 💕 Kindness
  • 😫 Stress Management
  • 🌱 Mindfulness
  • 👋 Communication
  • 🙋 Self-Awareness
  • 🤙 Social Skills
  • 🥰 Self-Love
  • 💆 Self-Regulation
  • 🥳 Joyfulness
  • 👍 Self-Belief
  • ✊ Strength
  • 😌 Tolerance
  • 🤲🏼 Forgiveness
  • 😘 Understanding
  • 🤝 Commitment
  • 👌 Courage
  • ☝ Determination
  • 🌟 Inspiration
  • 👐 Empowerment
  • 👉👈 Optimism
  • 🤹 Perseverance
  • 💓 Compassion
  • 🌿 Relaxation
  • 🏋🏻 Grit

Meet Abbey Piggott, From Mind Ninja 2!

Experienced Teacher, Education Consultant, Anxiety & Stress Specialist

Abbey Piggott is one of the highly qualified presenters from our Mind Ninja 2 program. Abbey has over a decade of teaching experience in Health and Physical Education. She is also qualified in Coaching and Health Science, specialising in helping students to manage stress and anxiety. Abbey has dedicated her career to helping young people calm their minds, improving concentration, enhancing the ability to retain and recall information and redirecting mind chatter from a negative to positive mindset to support long-lasting good mental health. Abbey currently works with schools, parents and children to provide a holistic approach to promoting wellbeing.

Meet Abbey Piggott, From Mind Ninja 2! section image
Abbey Piggott, BEXHSC, GDipEd, GDipCoach
Sophia Polk Photo for Testimonial

Sophia Polk

It has given me great courage, has taught me to love myself and so many other great things.

Sophia Polk

Case Study Results:
Riverside Primary School

Here is some of the data/feedback that we have gathered this session from using Mind Ninja.

All stages from P1-7 have engaged with the Mind Ninja programme across the session as a universal approach. However, target groups have had more in depth engagement with the programme. Next session we plan to introduce the programme to support some of our learners within the autism provision.

One of our teachers carried out a practitioner enquiry on the Mind Ninja programme and analysed the impact within her P2 class. She used a 7-point survey as pre and post assessment. The most significant findings were that after completing the programme:

  • “Always” responses to “I know how to use 5 finger breathing to calm down” had increased from 26% to 82%.
  • “Always” responses to “I can feel better by thinking about the power of now” had increased from 31% to 88%.

The teacher made individual observations of the children within her class. She was able to evidence many of the children either making use of the Mind Ninja strategies for self-regulation (thought catch, ninja breathing, magic words) or those children assisting others to make use of the strategies during and after the programme. The teacher also commented that using the consistent language of Mind Ninja with the class and individuals was effective in supporting learners to regulate more quickly when emotionally unbalanced.

Another group of learners from P4, 6 and 7 were identified to complete the Mind Ninja programme with more targeted support.

The learners completed a pre and post assessment. Before completing the programme, all of the children selected “Never” or “Not much of the time” for the following statements:

  • I’ve been feeling calm
  • I’ve been feeling relaxed
  • I’ve been able to make choices easily

Whereas, after the programme all of the children selected more positive answers for these statements. The teacher was able to explain that the children were able to elaborate on their post assessment answers and give examples of the strategies from the programme that they had been putting into practice to help with this.

Our Senior Leadership Team and teaching staff have also made use of the programme with individuals during the session to dip in and out of, as needed. We have felt that it provides a clear structure and easy to use approach to focusing in on self-regulation strategies.

One member of our Senior Leadership Team commented that the programme is brilliant and that if all classes used it consistently then the children would be much more able to manage anxiety and show resilience across the school. She said that she loves that it gives a common language for everyone to use and refer to.

Many thanks,


Debbie McLeod
Depute Headteacher
Riverside Primary School

Principal/Educator Reviews


Sarah Samuelson

Rated by: Sarah Samuelson

I am a teacher who has worked in a range of different year levels. I have been looking for something that would benefit my students to support their emotions in the classroom and playground. When I came…

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Dr Gemma Foxall

Rated by: Dr Gemma Foxall

“Joelene is one of those teachers who finds a way to connect with each child. Students are drawn to her because she individualises every interaction in a purposeful and positive way. She values every child…

Read More Read more for: Dr Gemma Foxall

Alan Kidd

Rated by: Alan Kidd

“I have a strong affiliation with Joelene Lavrick from Life Lessons Global and have been an enthusiastic supporter of the Mind Ninja program since it commenced in 2017 when Joelene was on my staff at…

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Shannon Wright

Rated by: Shannon Wright

“I attended a Professional Development Workshop with several of my staff at UWA in 2018 which subsequently led to us inviting Joelene Lavrick to run her Mind Ninja program at our school. The impact of…

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Darryl Owen

Rated by: Darryl Owen

“Joelene Lavrick has held a series of Mind Ninja workshops at Dardanup Primary School as part of an after-school program. We have received great feedback from students and their parents regarding the…

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Liz Martin

Rated by: Liz Martin

“Miss Lavrick helped Kai develop strategies to acknowledge and manage his emotions. The lessons helped Kai to reframe his thoughts when feeling anxious and challenge some of his rigidity in his…

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Deborah Jolliffe

Rated by: Deborah Jolliffe

“Hi Joelene, I sincerely enjoyed your Mind Ninja workshop and watching you share your incredibly important message by weaving your magic, energy, passion, knowledge and skill into an amazing experience…

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Janine Kenny

Rated by: Janine Kenny

“Thank you so much for running your Mind Ninja program so energetically with our senior classes. Jodie and I appreciate the planning and effort that you put into our sessions, especially the YouTube…

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Melany May

Rated by: Melany May

I’m a year 1 teacher and have been using Mind Ninja during my health lessons. Yesterday a tired boy walked into class and was feeling a little down, missing mum and not wanting to start the school day…

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Liz Payton

Rated by: Liz Payton

Hi Joelene, I’m so sorry for the delayed reply! We are absolutely loving this program and it couldn’t have some at a better time. We had to skip our session on Friday morning because we had so much…

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Rae Witham

Rated by: Rae Witham

As a School Chaplain I am sometimes lost for ways to help the students who cone to me for Pastoral Care. This term I have been using Mind Ninja with a few students who have had problems with…

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A Sample Lesson From Mind Ninja

Module 2: The Thought Catch
A sample Lesson From Mind Ninja image

Year 3 Students Learn Skills To
Become Mind Ninjas

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School

Year 3 students were surprised in class with a visit by Ms Joelene Lavrick, the creator of the ‘Mind Ninja’ program which has been integrated into the Year 3 Health Program.

After attending one of Ms Lavrick’s Personal Development Days in March, Year 3 teacher, Mrs Claire Swart knew the Program would be beneficial for her students.

“It was too good of an opportunity to pass up really. COVID-19 made the students particularly anxious and uncertain about what was happening and I recognised a real need to build up their resiliency, hope and their coping strategies, so it was really the perfect thing I found at the perfect time,” said Mrs Swart.

Developed by Ms Lavrick to help younger students deal with anxiety, the Program aims to nurture positive mindsets and to teach them what to do so that they know how to develop an action plan when they face challenges instead of getting upset straight away.

“For my own life, I suffered with a lot of anxiety. I was a teacher for 20 years, and having a background in Psychology, I really was noticing that when I was teaching, what you cared most was about how the students were feeling so I developed a program to help them cope with their anxiety,” says Ms Lavrick.

The Year 3 students have been doing the Program since Term 2 and are near completion of the course. Already, Mrs Swart has seen significant improvements in the students’ mental health.

“Students are already beginning to identify when they can use what they have learnt. Because they are so easy to remember and use, they are building their toolbox of strategies. It calms them and gives them that grounding they need when they are nervous,” adds Mrs Swart.

When asked about future plans with the students when the Program is finished, Mrs Swart says, “The building of empathy and resilience forms part of our curriculum really, so it is just building on those skills then, looking for opportunities they can use and apply them in everyday life. So that is what I am hoping. I hope I have given them sufficient tools that they can employ in everyday situations.”

Get access to all our programs


Takes your child from constant meltdowns and anxiety to managing their own thoughts and emotions, even if you’ve tried everything before.

(Ages 6-11)

Learn More

(Ages 6-11)

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How your child can be the master of their emotions. Mind Ninja 2 ensures that your child will have a powerpack of tools to deal with any situation.

(Ages 6-11)

Learn More

The perfect solution to giving your tween/teen the ‘mind-advantage’ so they can successfully manage their stress/anxiety, anger or overwhelm without the eye-rolls or the tears.

(Ages 11-17)

Learn More

Give your child the gift of a peaceful, clear mind. Calm your child’s mind and body whilst reinforcing the positive messages and life lessons learnt within our incredible programs.

(Ages 6-17)

Learn More

Start every day the happy way! Affirmations serve as a daily reminder to keep children feeling good and moving in a positive direction.

(Ages 6-10)

Learn More

Our Inspirations serve as a daily ‘dose of goodness’ to keep teens feeling motivated and moving in a positive direction.

(Ages 11-17)

Learn More

Get the most out of our programs by upskilling yourself with this teacher workshop.

(Educator Course)

Learn More

In this exciting program, your child will learn how to plan and edit their own awesome videos.

(Ages 5-12)

Learn More

Mind Ninja

Mind Ninja will transform the way your students deal with their difficult thoughts and emotions filling them with confidence. They will be forever ready to accept new challenges with a range of strategies available to them. When they do get upset, they will understand that it is temporary and that it will be over soon. Life is full of ups and downs. My job is to ensure your students can manage and go through the difficult times so that they can enjoy more positive experiences at school and in life in general.

Life Lessons Global Presents

Life Lessons Global Presents

We also present workshops for parents explaining the Mind Ninja strategies for supporting children with feelings of anxiety, anger and sadness with a strong focus on self-esteem and resilience.


Bonus Course – The Summit:
Hour Of Power

Presented by Dr. Paul Swan, Alan Kidd, Shannon Wright and Dr. Gemma Foxall

Our class/school licences come with this incredible bonus Professional Development presentation for educators.

The Summit: Hour Of Power is a series of keynote presentations delivering the most significant/cutting edge material available to each presenter at the time of delivery.

Dr Paul Swan is one of Australia’s leading mathematicians providing PD for educators on a global scale. Teaching mathematics can seem overwhelming and stressful. If you are an educator wanting to take that stress out of teaching mathematics, Dr Paul Swan, has the answers with his outstanding presentation: SIMPLIFY. With a range of activities that you can take straight into the classroom, this course will supercharge your confidence and give you a sense of relief knowing that you are doing the right thing with your mathematics planning and teaching.


Alan Kidd is a veteran principal with over 37 years in education leading several high performing schools. We asked Alan to answer the following question in his keynote address: ‘How do you know if you’re a good teacher?’ Alan answers the question in his moving presentation which will inspire all who have the privilege to see it. He explains what really counts when it comes to working in a school. Alan provokes self-reflection and self-development in this profound presentation that will leave you proud of your role as an educator with a strong focus for your future career.

Shannon Wright is the principal of Greenfields Primary School with a passion for Explicit Instruction and Student Engagement. Shannon’s presentation is entitled – ‘Explicit Instruction & Student Engagement: NAPLAN RESULTS?’ Shannon reports on how schools and educators can use explicit instruction and student engagement to create the best outcomes for all students. Shannon’s presentation is suitable for school admin teams along with frontline educators. The effective whole-school approaches that have made a huge difference for the students at Greenfields Primary are discussed in detail in your bonus program, The Summit: Hour Of Power.

Dr Gemma Foxall is an Adjunct Lecturer at Edith Cowan University and the Director of ACT for Autism. In her keynote address, Dr Gemma Foxall presents – ‘Supporting Autistic Learners: Six Steps For Success’. In this mind-blowing presentation, Gemma, explains what all educators need to know about supporting those on the Autism Spectrum and provides a series of practical steps which are essential for succeeding in the classroom. If you are writing IEPs, this course will explain EXACTLY what to include so that you can feel confident that you are moving in the right direction. If you’re an educator or school leader looking for cutting edge strategies for the social, emotional and academic success of your students and if you need to know what to do during a ‘meltdown’…Dr Gemma Foxall delivers the solutions in your bonus program, The Summit: Hour Of Power.

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What The Parents Say

Kylie Harman

Rated by: Kylie Harman

“My girl has come along in leaps and bounds. Told she lacks confidence and won’t take risks at school, yet at home she’s a go getter, she’s now into parkour. If you know parkour, you know it’s not for the…

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Kath Baker

Rated by: Kath Baker

“This needs to be in schools full time as much as math and English! Mental and emotional health is crucial and in my eyes an absolute priority to healthy children and teens!! This is a fantastic program and I…

Read More Read more for: Kath Baker

Cheers Paula

Rated by: Cheers Paula

“I am sooooooo impressed with your course! It’s been a game changer for my 10 year old daughter who has always been an extreme worrier. This week she went to a performing Arts school programme…

Read More Read more for: Cheers Paula

Katie Polk

Rated by: Katie Polk

“We are in the United States, so we bought the online mind ninja course. ABSOLUTELY MONEY WELL SPENT. Mrs. Lavrick is soooo gifted when it comes to communicating to elementary aged children…

Read More Read more for: Katie Polk

Eugenia Álvarez

Rated by: Eugenia Álvarez

“Hope you’re having an excellent day. Maybe my words are not enough to express how grateful I am with Mind Ninja. What an amazing tool you are sharing. I am from México, I have a 14 year old son…

Read More Read more for: Eugenia Álvarez

What you get:

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    Access to all online courses: Full access to Life Lessons Global’s entire curriculum of child/teen programs including Mind Ninja, Mind Ninja Plus, Mind Ninja 2 and Mind Advantage (teen program). A wealth of resources designed to help your students to manage themselves, their thoughts and their emotions leading to resilience, self-love and happiness.


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    Get the families involved with our Ultimate Classroom Licence! With each Ultimate Classroom Licence: You’ll receive access for one teacher + student access for each child in the class (up to 34 students), allowing students to log in at school and at home. Each student can complete the course at their own pace and enjoy access for the full year, making it perfect for tailored learning experiences both in the classroom and beyond.

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    Stunning LLG Members App: Skyrocket your students’ learning journey with frictionless access to our brand new App featuring exclusive elements like offline course access and interactive activities.

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    Meditation Library: Let your students explore calming audio tracks with a collection of expertly crafted meditations tracks in our library. These programs are designed and delivered by Abbey Piggott who is a teacher and coach specialising in reducing anxiety and stress.

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    Daily Affirmations: Boost your student’s daily routine with our beautiful affirmations which encourage a more positive perspective on life.

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    Online Gratitude Journal: A unique space to reflect on daily positives. It’s more than just a diary; it’s a tool to build a positive mindset.

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    Progress Tracking: Elevate the learning experience to new heights with our app’s gamified progress tracking feature. Witness your students earning points, keys, and badges as they conquer courses, daily goals and stay engaged.

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    Satisfaction Guarantee: refund in the first 7 days so your purchase is 100% safe.

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Life Lessons Global

Mission Statement

Life Lessons Global has a single mission at the very heart of everything we do: to develop and enhance the emotional fitness of children.
While working and training across the childhood (primary) education and psychology fields for over 20 years, one lesson has always remained constant: when children feel good about themselves and respond to others with kindness, they can achieve great things. It is with passion that we empower children, promote their self-esteem and teach them strategies to improve their emotional fitness and mind management.


Joelene Lavrick

I have a passion for emotional fitness and social skills. I have always wanted children to be kind to each other and to have confidence in themselves. I understand that children make mistakes and, at times, they need to learn how to be kind to others. I am patient with kids and I believe we must show unconditional respect and forgiveness. Joelene Lavrick, B.A (Psychology), GradDipEd (Primary) Founder, Life Lessons Global.