• 😥 Reduce Anxiety
  • 💪 Resilience
  • 😉 Growth Mindset

“You either control your mind or it controls you.” _ Napoleon Hill


A message from the director of Life Lessons Global,
Joelene Lavrck, B.A (Psychology), GradDipEd (Teacher)

If your child/teen has intense emotions that they do not learn how to manage, evidence suggests that they could have a very difficult life.

Being smart only accounts for 20% of potential happiness and success in life, with the other 80% coming down to factors including Emotional Intelligence. Problems with anxiety, anger and sadness often do not get better by themselves and can become progressively worse.

The good news is, your child or teen can learn the exact skills needed to handle their overwhelming, unhelpful thoughts and emotions so they can start living their best life.

We have created a full range of engaging online programs and an astonishing new App that will teach them everything they need to know to reduce anxiety, lessen the frequency of meltdowns, help them cope with their challenges and give them strategies for lifelong happiness, successful relationships and self-love.

Because one size doesn’t fit all and your child/teen
will resonate with different approaches, we offer:

  • check-quaternary

    Videos that suit various learning styles

  • check-quaternary

    Meditation tracks

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    Powerful hypnotherapy programs

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    Daily affirmations

  • check-quaternary

    Daily inspirations

  • check-quaternary

    Printable workbooks and journals

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    Digital, interactive tools to keep your
    child/teen engaged

Our suite of programs are all housed in our Life Lessons Membership dashboard and App so that your child can access them at any time.

Designed By A 20+ Year Classroom Teacher With A B.A in
Psychology Who Is Now Helping Kids In 154 Countries


Our founder, Joelene Lavrick, is the creator of the international best-selling Mind Ninja online course. Joelene completed a B.A in Psychology, was a passionate teacher for 20+ years and overcame a life of crippling anxiety, depression and out of control emotions herself. In 2017, she found that she could use her talent for teaching and her love of kids to develop a revolutionary new curriculum that is now changing the lives of families in 154 countries.

Our programs at Life Lessons Global have been created in conjunction with experts in the fields of child developmental psychology, educators, clinical hypnotherapists and parents.

Here’s What You Get By Joining The LLG Membership

By joining LLG Members you receive access to:
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    Three entertaining children’s online video courses, Mind Ninja, Mind Ninja Plus and Mind Ninja 2, which fill them with self-love and teach them how to understand, process and manage anxiety, anger and sadness so that everyone can be happier at home

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    Our phenomenal online video program for teens, Mind Advantage, which keeps your teen engaged and positively motivated so that they can move past their anxiety, disappointments and struggles to be happier family members

  • icon-graduation

    The Happy School Drop-Off parent program by Dr. Gemma Foxall which gives you 50 strategies in 50 minutes to ensure that you get your child to school happy every morning

  • icon-graduation

    A meditation platform with expertly crafted tracks designed specifically for children and teens which calm their mind, reinforcing the positive messages provided in all of our programs

  • icon-graduation

    A range of powerful hypnotherapy audio tracks for dealing with issues from general anxiety to specific problems like the fear of public speaking and difficulty falling asleep

  • icon-graduation

    Our LLG Members App with interactive features like our gratitude journal, quizzes and digital tracking of goals and outcomes

But It’s Not Just About What You ‘GET’…
More importantly, it’s about all the things you no longer have to ‘deal with’

Becoming a member means

X NO MORE worrying about how your child’s anxiety or temper is going to affect them in future

X NO MORE wracking your brain trying to think of good advice to give your kids on how to handle their worries

X NO MORE waiting WEEKS or MONTHS for an expensive appointment with someone to help your child

X NO MORE seeing your child/teen struggling to get to sleep

Thinking ‘Let’s wait and see if things get better by themselves’ isn’t the best plan.

As soon as you register for your LLG Membership, you know that you are gifting your child/teen strategies that will serve them for life. They will not only be happier, the whole family will get along better and you will know that you have given them something amazing to ensure their happier future.

By signing up now, you secure the discounted price and are guaranteed this lower price throughout your membership.

Breakthrough with a resilient mindset

🤗 Self-Worth

💪 Resilience

😊 Happiness

😥 Reduce Anxiety

😉 Growth Mindset

🛌 Better Sleep

👊 Positive Focus

🙇🏽 Emotional Intelligence

🙌 Gratitude

💕 Kindness

🤔 Problem Solving

😫 Stress Management

🤩 Motivation

🌱 Mindfulness

🏋️ Willpower

👋 Communication

🙋 Self-Awareness

🥳 Joyfulness

🤙 Social Skills

👍 Self-Belief

🥰 Self-Love

✊ Strength

💆 Self-Regulation

😌 Tolerance

🤲🏼 Forgiveness

☝ Determination

😘 Understanding

🌟 Inspiration

🤝 Commitment

👐 Empowerment

👌 Courage

👉👈 Optimism

🤹 Perseverance

💓 Compassion

🌿 Relaxation

🏋🏻 Grit

  • 🤗 Self-Worth
  • 😊 Happiness
  • 😉 Growth Mindset
  • 👊 Positive Focus
  • 💪 Resilience
  • 😥 Reduce Anxiety
  • 🛌 Better Sleep
  • 🙇🏽 Emotional Intelligence
  • 🙌 Gratitude
  • 🤔 Problem Solving
  • 🤩 Motivation
  • 🏋️ Willpower
  • 💕 Kindness
  • 😫 Stress Management
  • 🌱 Mindfulness
  • 👋 Communication
  • 🙋 Self-Awareness
  • 🤙 Social Skills
  • 🥰 Self-Love
  • 💆 Self-Regulation
  • 🥳 Joyfulness
  • 👍 Self-Belief
  • ✊ Strength
  • 😌 Tolerance
  • 🤲🏼 Forgiveness
  • 😘 Understanding
  • 🤝 Commitment
  • 👌 Courage
  • ☝ Determination
  • 🌟 Inspiration
  • 👐 Empowerment
  • 👉👈 Optimism
  • 🤹 Perseverance
  • 💓 Compassion
  • 🌿 Relaxation
  • 🏋🏻 Grit

How It Works


The Life Lessons Global online learning dashboard combines the power of bite-sized learning modules to assist your child in ways that are not traditionally taught at school.

Your child/teen will experience life-changing personal growth, grit and self-love in just 10 minutes per day.

How To Start Your Journey


Sign up

Sign up below and receive login instructions instantly via email to start your child’s journey to happiness, grit and self-love.

You will receive full access to ALL of our courses, meditations, hypnotherapy tracks, daily affirmations, community and App

Thats everything we have to offer!



Download The App And Login

Download the LLG Members App from the Apple or Google Store. You can also access all of your content on your computer. Create an account and you’re good to go. All of our phenomenal programs will be available for you.



Choose Your Program

Just click the course you want from our library of programs and dive in. Set aside 10 mins a day as your ‘Life Lessons’ time (but everyone will want to do more).


Life Lessons
Global Membership,
Anywhere You Go

Access all courses, meditations, hypnotherapy, affirmations, and interactive tracking on the go with the LLG Members App.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, use your account email and password to login.

Christie Keddie

Christie Keddie


“His confidence has grown so much – he now goes to swimming lessons and taekwondo… something we would of never thought he would be able to do.”

Christie Keddie



Christy Thompson


“We are homeschooling him due to his anxiety issues and your course has really helped him and I already see an improvement with his mindset.”

Christy Thompson


katie Harding

Katie Harding


I asked my daughter what her favourite thing about the course was. She said ‘Knowing that I love me, no matter what’. So beautiful ❤️

Katie Harding



Katie Polk


Upbeat and full of just wonderful information that I truly believe can help so many kids

Katie Polk



Jayne Sinclair


For the first time in as long as I can remember we had a whole good day, no bed time drama. We think you’re awesome. P.S you made it on her favourite teacher list in the journal too ????

Jayne Sinclair



Jen Law


It has helped both my daughters cope with OCD as a result of covid and helped boost their self-confidence as well as helping them manage their day-to-day anxieties over friendships and school.

Jen Law


Have a calmer, happier family for the
same price as one coffee per week

As a member, you get unlimited access to our suite of programs

Even one of the programs within our dashboard is worth the membership price.

Your child/teen will know how to manage their anxiety, anger, sadness and difficult thoughts.

You will know you have taken action to help their mental health.

They will fall asleep at night faster than ever before.

They will feel better about themselves because they are hearing these powerful messages from other people as well as their parents.

You could easily spend hundreds of dollars taking your child/teen to courses or coaches to try to teach them the strategies that are easy to access in your LLG Members dashboard and App.

Imagine What It Would Be Like To…

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    Drop your child/teen at school knowing that they are feeling better than they ever have.

  • check-quaternary

    Know that they have an unwavering understanding of their own worth – which has not just been
    told to them by you (they often seem to believe it more when it comes from a teacher)

  • check-quaternary

    Know that they have a solid understanding of what is causing them to become upset and how
    they can change the direction of their thoughts and emotions.

  • check-quaternary

    Have your child/teen proudly explain to you how they dealt with challenging situations or tricky friendship issues.

  • check-quaternary

    ​​Watch your child respond to a situation positively, when you know in the past they would have had a total
    meltdown over the same situation.

  • check-quaternary

    See your child’s friendships thriving as their confidence develops.

Get access to all our programs


Takes your child from constant meltdowns and anxiety to managing their own thoughts and emotions, even if you’ve tried everything before.

(Ages 6-11)

Learn More

(Ages 6-11)

Learn More

How your child can be the master of their emotions. Mind Ninja 2 ensures that your child will have a powerpack of tools to deal with any situation.

(Ages 6-11)

Learn More

The perfect solution to giving your tween/teen the ‘mind-advantage’ so they can successfully manage their stress/anxiety, anger or overwhelm without the eye-rolls or the tears.

(Ages 11-17)

Learn More

50 strategies in 50 minutes. Dr. Gemma Foxall provides you with all the tools to maximise your child’s happiness at school drop-off or drop-off to any activity.

(Parent course to help children aged 4-11)

Learn More

Give your child the gift of a peaceful, clear mind. Calm your child’s mind and body whilst reinforcing the positive messages and life lessons learnt within our incredible programs.

(Ages 6-17)

Learn More

Strengthen your child’s confidence, help them sleep, improve their resilience and much more with our powerful collection of hypnotherapy audio tracks.

(Ages 6-17)

Learn More

Start every day the happy way! Affirmations serve as a daily reminder to keep children feeling good and moving in a positive direction.

(Ages 6-10)

Learn More

Our Inspirations serve as a daily ‘dose of goodness’ to keep teens feeling motivated and moving in a positive direction.

(Ages 11-17)

Learn More

Get the most out of our programs by upskilling yourself with this parent/teacher workshop.

(Parent Course)

Learn More

In this exciting program, your child will learn how to plan and edit their own awesome videos.

(Ages 5-12)

Learn More

Total value of all programs: $2,000+

What The Parents Say

Cheers Paula

Rated by: Cheers Paula

“I am sooooooo impressed with your course! It’s been a game changer for my 10 year old daughter who has always been an extreme worrier. This week she went to a performing Arts school programme for the holiday…

Read More Read more for: Cheers Paula

Kylie Harman

Rated by: Kylie Harman

“My girl has come along in leaps and bounds. Told she lacks confidence and won’t take risks at school, yet at home she’s a go getter, she’s now into parkour. If you know parkour, you know it’s not for the faint hearted…

Read More Read more for: Kylie Harman

Kath Baker

Rated by: Kath Baker

“This needs to be in schools full time as much as math and English! Mental and emotional health is crucial and in my eyes an absolute priority to healthy children and teens!! This is a fantastic program and I pray progr…

Read More Read more for: Kath Baker

Katie Polk

Rated by: Katie Polk

“We are in the United States, so we bought the online mind ninja course. ABSOLUTELY MONEY WELL SPENT. Mrs. Lavrick is soooo gifted when it comes to communicating to elementary aged children. She’s darling…

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Eugenia Álvarez

Rated by: Eugenia Álvarez

“Hope you’re having an excellent day. Maybe my words are not enough to express how grateful I am with Mind Ninja. What an amazing tool you are sharing. I am from México, I have a 14 year old son, he has been…

Read More Read more for: Eugenia Álvarez

Raine Torrisi Martinson

Rated by: Raine Torrisi Martinson

“A few short weeks ago my 7 year old son and I attended a workshop together and since then my son has been working through the Mind Ninja E-course….I honestly can not believe how much he has grown in this…

Read More Read more for: Raine Torrisi Martinson

Renae Shepherdson

Rated by: Renae Shepherdson

“My Daughter Chelsea went into your session today with nervous butterfly’s in her tummy. She came hurrying out excitedly and i haven’t stopped hearing all about the clever strategies with their actions acted out…

Read More Read more for: Renae Shepherdson

Sue Rowell

Rated by: Sue Rowell

“Two of my grandchildren did both the course in January and the recent follow up course and they loved it. My daughter and I highly recommend the course as the girls received so many beneficial ideas out of this…

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Christy Thompson

Rated by: Christy Thompson

“Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my son has just finished the mind ninja online course and he has been quoting you all week! Thanks for your wonderful course, my son really enjoyed it. We are homeschooling…

Read More Read more for: Christy Thompson

Sara Hassan

Rated by: Sara Hassan

“I am just about to complete this course with my ASD kid. Our experience is amazing, with each module I spent quality time getting to know my beautiful kid. She enjoyed it and we both have been practising the skills…

Read More Read more for: Sara Hassan

Marissa Burness

Rated by: Marissa Burness

“Thank you so much for this beautiful teaching. It made such a difference to my anxious 9 year old. Plus for him it was fun. I recommend this to any, any parent. All the way from South Africa!”

Renae Shepherdson

Rated by: Renae Shepherdson

“We have been seeing a psychologist for generalised and seperation anxiety and we literally learnt more in 2 hours with you than we have in the past 9 sessions.”

Jessica Stewart

Rated by: Jessica Stewart

“Rebecca Barker I bought this for my girls and they are 12.5 and 14.5. I started watching the lessons and even think adults should follow her model. I think it’s great for any age.”

Eloisa Tripodi

Rated by: Eloisa Tripodi

“I use your program with my 9 year old daughter and it is brilliant! The short videos are wonderful as a go to each time she feels worried. Great great great tool!”

Sara Hassan

Rated by: Sara Hassan

“I feel like a mere 2 weeks ago, a challenge like swimming lessons would have meant a morning of tears, raised voices & stress for everyone, but because we are now Mind Ninjas, it was just a hill we walked over together. Thank you yet again and
much love,”

Marissa Burness

Rated by: Marissa Burness

“Thanks to you so much.. It’s a great tool for parents. Your videos that we have done so far are things that have helped. Whenever they feel low or sad, immediately point them to the negative thoughts that attract…

Read More Read more for: Marissa Burness

Karen Browne

Rated by: Karen Browne

“We’ve used LACH and decided we can only accept it, so then we looked at steps of self quarantine etc and feel all we need to do is grab more library books and we’re set. It was empowering!”

Sally Bassett

Rated by: Sally Bassett

“My son was anxious this morning and got out his Mind Ninja book he created which he takes to school everyday. He looked at the section on positive thoughts and how one leads to another. The program is…

Read More Read more for: Sally Bassett

Amy Roberts

Rated by: Amy Roberts

“Both my kids have learnt soooo much from you Joelene. Mason learnt how to ignore the bullies and Matilda has learnt how to fill her bucket with good thoughts and how to stay positive. I do need to.”

Christie Keddie

Rated by: Christie Keddie

“Declan has learnt so much from your classes. From talking about his feelings to learning how to deal with them. His confidence has grown so much – he now goes to swimming lessons and taekwondo…

Read More Read more for: Christie Keddie

Lyn Birrell

Rated by: Lyn Birrell

“Joelene Lavrick I was so happy to hear that my Granddaughter Chelsea, had been profoundly changed in her thinking after seeing you. This is something that is needed by so many children. Thank you for making…

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Shane Maher

Rated by: Shane Maher

“Joelene Lavrick has helped my daughter grow in confidence in handling difficult situations. She constantly refers back to the strategies she has learned at the workshops with Joelene and has even changed her…

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Kristy Carriage

Rated by: Kristy Carriage

“You were a dream come true for my girl. We constantly refer back to your strategies and teachings. My girl fell in love with you and your energy and positivity! (And so did I!) I’m currently looking in to more…

Read More Read more for: Kristy Carriage

Katrina Comito

Rated by: Katrina Comito

“My children really enjoyed your workshop and have been practising some of the valuable things you taught them. Thanks.”

Rachel Stratton

Rated by: Rachel Stratton

“Thank you Joelene for your class. Since then my 6yo now uses your finger squeeze technique on a daily basis and has really helped the way she reacts to a situation.”

Michelle Brown

Rated by: Michelle Brown

“My son really enjoyed his session and cannot wait to go again, it has helped him in so many ways, he talks more about how he is feeling, his answers have always been, “I’m ok” “nothing” and “I don’t know” but…

Read More Read more for: Michelle Brown

Julie Jules

Rated by: Julie Jules

“My daughter has been quoting the self management strategies she learnt today and teaching them to her brother. I love that during the day she has changed her self talk and is calming herself more easily and…

Read More Read more for: Julie Jules

David W Brook

Rated by: David W Brook

“Joelene is amazing • We sent our 8 Year old daughter to one of the workshops as she was having difficulties handling her emotions at school and in general. Since attending our daughters improvement is out of…

Read More Read more for: David W Brook

Robyn Grigson

Rated by: Robyn Grigson

“Online is great but you do have to make the commitment to complete it Ms L is so energetic and entertaining your children will be inspired Having said that we did the online course together (Parents and 20…

Read More Read more for: Robyn Grigson

Kelly O’Connor

Rated by: Kelly O'Connor

“Joelene has a unique ability to connect with every child she meets. She is able to give them strategies they can go away with and implement into their daily lives. As a foster carer who so often sees children…

Read More Read more for: Kelly O'Connor

Marji O’Connor

Rated by: Marji O'Connor

“Hey, we started Mind Ninja online this week together and it is soooo good!! Ruby is loving it!! It really really resonates with her & her life atm!! I couldn’t recommend it more!”

Raine Torrisi Martinson

Rated by: Raine Torrisi Martinson

“A few short weeks ago my 7 year old son and I attended a workshop together and since then my son has been working through the Mind Ninja E-course….I honestly can not believe how much he has grown…

Read More Read more for: Raine Torrisi Martinson

Cloe Reichelt

Rated by: Cloe Reichelt

“Back from the year you taught me, your positive and “patience of a saint” og has always kept me believing and seeing videos like this makes me feel so lucky to have been taught by you and carried your…

Read More Read more for: Cloe Reichelt

Nadine Jones

Rated by: Nadine Jones

“We started this today and got to module 6. I think I will sit down and watch the videos with my son once a month to reinforce the msg again. It’s a great concept simple ways for parents to break things down…

Read More Read more for: Nadine Jones

Julie Jules

Rated by: Julie Jules

“My daughter has been quoting the self management strategies she learnt today and teaching them to her brother. I love that during the day she has changed her self talk and is calming herself more easily…

Read More Read more for: Julie Jules

No Connection?
No Problem

Course material available even without an internet connection with downloadable lessons.


Jump across

Activity synchronises in real-time between student’s devices.



Make learning fun with an interactive learning experience.

How your child/teen can learn to manage their own thoughts and emotions, even if you’ve tried everything before.

If you want your child/teen to:
  • check-quaternary

    Like/love themselves embracing positive self-talk

  • check-quaternary

    Understand and process their strong feelings so that they can have fewer meltdowns and moments of overwhelm

  • check-quaternary

    Be happier and calmer more often

  • check-quaternary

    Be a solution-seeker who knows what to do when something goes wrong

  • check-quaternary

    Keep trying and believe in themselves when things feel hard showing grit and resilience

  • check-quaternary

    Know that difficult times and intense emotions pass and things will get better with time so they should not make
    big decisions when they are feeling upset

  • check-quaternary

    Bust anxiety so that they can participate fully in new activities with new found confidence

  • check-quaternary

    Be a master of their mind so that they are not obsessed with worrying about future events or dwelling on mistakes
    or negative experiences from their past

  • check-quaternary

    Have a full set of evidence-based tools in their toolbox for dealing with everyday issues that will be relevant for a lifetime

  • check-quaternary

    Learn the science behind the mind-body connection so that they understand why they feel the way they do

Then Join Our LLG Membership Today


What you get:

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    Access to all online courses: Full access to Life Lessons Global’s entire curriculum of child/teen and parent programs full of the exact tools and strategies needed for managing emotions and self-love. – $177 /Year

Bonuses For Signing Up Today:

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    Stunning LLG Members App: Skyrocket your child’s learning journey with our brand new App featuring exclusive elements like offline course access and interactive activities (usually worth $297).

  • check-quaternary

    Meditation and Hypnotherapy Library: Let your child explore calming audio tracks with a collection of expertly crafted meditations and hypnotherapy tracks in our library (usually worth $297).

  • check-quaternary

    Online Gratitude Journal: A unique space to reflect on daily positives. It’s more than just a diary; it’s a tool to build a positive mindset (usually worth $87).

  • check-quaternary

    Daily Affirmations: Boost your child’s daily routine with our beautiful affirmations which encourage a more positive perspective on life (usually worth $87).

  • check-quaternary

    Progress Tracking: Elevate the learning experience to new heights with our app’s gamified progress tracking feature. Witness your child earning points, keys, and badges as they conquer courses, daily goals and stay engaged.

  • check-quaternary

    Community Connection in Private Facebook Group: Join our exclusive private Facebook group to connect, share wisdom, and grow alongside members locally and worldwide.

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    Unlock personalised learning with individual child accounts! With our Monthly/Yearly Memberships, get 1 parent + 1 child account. Opt for the Family Membership and enjoy 1 parent + 3 child accounts. Each child can explore courses, earn points, badges, and complete activities at their own pace. Tailor the learning journey to each family member’s unique pace and preferences!

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    ***Lifetime Benefits with Annual Membership: Opt for an annual membership and enjoy an exclusive lifetime discount, our way of expressing gratitude for your commitment to continuous growth.

  • check-quaternary

    Satisfaction Guarantee: refund in the first 7 days so your purchase is 100% safe.

Monthly Membership

AUD $57 / month /month

Billed Monthly, Cancel Any Time

Access To All Courses Access To All Courses


1 Parent + 1 Child Account 1 Parent + 1 Child Account

Full Access To Our App Full Access To Our App

Daily Affirmations Daily Affirmations

Gratitude Journal Gratitude Journal

Meditation Library Meditation Library

Hypnotherapy Library Hypnotherapy Library

Progress Tracking Progress Tracking

Private Facebook Group Private Facebook Group

For Schools

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Our courses are currently used in 154 countries by over
55,000 families and we’re growing every day

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Dr. Gemma Foxall
Children can’t learn unless they are happy.
Dr. Gemma Foxall

BA (Hons), PGCE, MEd, PhD Adjunct Lecturer, Director, ACT For Autism

  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Early Childhood Education and Teaching
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Philosophy
  • Master’s Degree, Educational Leadership, Pre-Service Teacher Education, Research
  • PhD, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr. Gemma Foxall adores children and is passionate about merging her professional and personal experiences to create one-of-a-kind programs.

In 2008, she was nominated for the Australian Teacher of the Year award and in 2009 she was awarded Level Three classroom teacher status. In 2010, Gemma’s lessons were filmed to showcase effective teaching by Macmillan Australia and broadcast around the United States.

The Department of Education awarded Gemma a scholarship in 2011 to complete a research project investigating principals’ perceptions of pre-service teachers and she received a Masters of Educational Leadership for this work in 2014.

In 2020, Gemma received her PhD, which synthesised literature from psychology, education, neuroscience and behavioural science in a practice-based research project which revealed new approaches to supporting Autistic learners.

Joelene Lavrick
You either control your mind or it controls you. Napoleon Hill
Joelene Lavrick

B.A (Psychology), GradDipEd

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Edith Cowan University)
  • Graduate Diploma of Education (Murdoch University)

Joelene Lavrick is the proud founder of Life Lessons Global. She loves children and is passionate about making sure that they love themselves and know how to manage their thoughts and emotions. After completing a B.A in Psychology and being a classroom teacher for 20 years, she developed the Mind Ninja program for children. Mind Ninja has now helped children in 154 countries to manage their thoughts and emotions and to always remember how special they are. Life Lessons Global has now added an entire suite of exciting programs into the mix to help your children.

Abbey Piggot
Where our focus goes our emotions and action flows
Abbey Piggot

BEXHSC, GDipEd, GDipCoach

  • Bachelor of Exercise and Health Science (UWA)
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (UWA)
  • Graduate Diploma in Coaching (Curtin University)
  • Masters Qualifications in Neurolinguistic Programming,
    Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Abbey Piggott has over a decade of teaching experience in Health and Physical Education. Abbey is qualified in Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Health Science, specialising in managing stress and anxiety. Abbey has dedicated her career to helping young people calm their minds, improving concentration, enhancing the ability to retain and recall information and redirecting mind chatter from a negative to positive mindset to support long-lasting good mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there set dates/times or can we do the programs at any time?

Our courses are self-paced so that you can use them at any time.

Q: How do I introduce the programs to my child?

It’s best to take your child somewhere fun and tell them that you have found an incredible course that is going to help them to get whatever they want in life (this is true because once you can manage yourself, you work towards your goals persistently).

Q: My child is extremely anxious, can these programs help?

Yes. Our programs have helped thousands of children who experience severe anxiety.

Q: Can Mind Ninja be purchased anywhere in the world in any currency?

Yes. Once the purchase has been made, it will be converted into your home currency.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel anytime within your members dashboard.

Monthly Membership

AUD $57 / month /month

Billed Monthly, Cancel Any Time

Access To All Courses Access To All Courses


1 Parent + 1 Child Account 1 Parent + 1 Child Account

Full Access To Our App Full Access To Our App

Daily Affirmations Daily Affirmations

Gratitude Journal Gratitude Journal

Meditation Library Meditation Library

Hypnotherapy Library Hypnotherapy Library

Progress Tracking Progress Tracking

Private Facebook Group Private Facebook Group

For Schools

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Sleep time meditation helped me improve my sleeping pattern so dramatically!




Helps me calm down and helps me with situations that I can’t deal with.



Sophia Polk

It has given me great courage, has taught me to love myself and so many other great things.

Sophia Polk



It helps me remember who I am. I Love Me!



Mind Ninja Kids from Thailand

We love Mind Ninja and we always say ‘I LOVE ME’!

Mind Ninja Kids from Thailand


Mind Ninja From Victoria

Mind Ninja taught me to say ‘Thank you bad thought but I don’t need you anymore because I LOVE MEEEEEEE!

Mind Ninja From Victoria



I learnt how to change my thoughts into better ones. I give Miss Lavrick a 1000 star rating. That’s how good she is. ????



Mind Ninja from Singapore

It helps me be calm and to love myself. It stops me from feeling afraid easily.

Mind Ninja from Singapore